Connecting students to brands

FortyOneFive specializes in building and developing campus partnerships. The company works to bridge the information gap between businesses and student organizations and create engaging campus experiences. Operating in a niche market, they aim to be the go-to resource that governments, educational institutions, and businesses seek to navigate the student market.


Brand Strategy

Identity Design



Establishing a platform

Playground was tasked with creating a visual identity for the student-market consultancy, FortyOneFive. The work conveys the company’s young and confident nature while maintaining the personal symbolism of the name.

Humble beginnings

Stemming from their beginnings in student leadership, the name takes after the office number the founders occupied most of their time during university. The challenge was creating something that showcased the name and the significance behind it. This inspired the combined use of creating a logo based on spelling out the numbers as the primary mark and using the numerical derivative as an alternative.